Water break affects Journalism Workshop members

A water break, which occurred at 10:37 Monday morning, at the University of Kansas campus has caused Oliver Hall to temporarily lose water availability, this water break will affect all members of the Kansas Journalism Institute (KJI) workshop.  The mishap occurred as a result of construction on the North side of campus.

Journalism camp director, Jeff Browne, has gathered as much information as possible, and reports that the water will be available by Tuesday morning at the latest.  Browne is mainly concerned with the safety of students, and hopes that the students are informed as soon as possible.

“I’m just concerned about our campers and keeping them safe and comfortable”  Browne said.

In order to avoid any possible danger or further confusion, Brown suggests that participants not drink water at Oliver Hall. Browne requests that campers avoid using toilets, showers, and sinks.

Facilities available for KJI camper’s use:

1. The Underground

2.  The Student Union

3. William Allen White Building

To locate buildings, look at the map of the campus.

Lawrence Water Works will repair the disruption of the water in about half an hour.  In the mean time, KJI campers can remain updated by frequently checking the Twitter account, @KUJournalism.


Water out in Oliver Hall

By: Isabella Davis

Students at the KJI camp are in class not knowing that there is a water main break and the water in Oliver Hall is out.

  • There was a water main break on the north side of the KU campus.
  • The water main break happened because of construction at 10:37 A.M.
  • All 126 campers and 11 RA’s at Oliver Hall are affected.
  • Lawrence WaterWorks should be here in the next 30 minutes to take a look and see what they can do to fix the problem.

“We are hoping that the water will be back on by Tuesday morning,” said KJI Director Jeff Browne, “however; we are asking that people do not use the water in Oliver Hall.”

Students are not able to go to the bathroom, take showers, or use the water fountains in Oliver Hall at this time. In the meantime all campers are being asked to use the restrooms and water fountains in the Student Union. The biggest concern right now is whether the students will be moved out of Oliver Hall.

“I am just concerned about campers at this point,” said Browne.

What Now?

  • Browne does not know if the break is affecting anyone else.
  • At this time he does not know when the water will be back on.
  • Students need to be patient, the city of Lawrence is trying to get the situation fixed.
  • More updates will be posted soon on this website and on @kujournalism.

Oliver Residence Hall Campers

It has been announced that Oliver residence hall  water has been cut off. There will be no usage of showers, toilets or sinks. This is applied to every camper staying in Oliver. The construction that is happening on the north side hit a pipe, resulting in water break at 10:37 am.

For now administration would like students to use the restrooms at the Student Union and grab water from other buildings close by. Lawrence water works was called right after the  accident for help. They are hoping that the issue will be taking care of by Tuesday morning but, if not all residence may have to relocate and can cause unscheduled problems to the class time and lesson plans.

“I am just concerned about the campers, I want them to be safe and comfortable” said Jeff Browne director of the Kansas Journalism Institute.

Administration will clarify all information to campers. Until then, using water in Oliver is unsafe. To check for updates track #KJI50 on Twitter.



Water break at KU’s Oliver Hall

High school campers at the Kansas Journalism Institute  will be without water in Oliver Hall.  This morning at 10:37 am, road construction crews hit a water main on the north side of Kansas University, preventing the building from receiving water


Residents cannot

  • flush the toilets
  • take showers
  • eat or drink within Oliver Hall

“In my time at Kansas this has never happened before,” Jeff Browne, KJI Director, said.

Lawrence Water Works has been called to repair the water lines as quickly as they possibly can to keep all 126  campers safe and comfortable.

The company has yet to release when the water will be turned back on to the public, but Browne said the water is anticipated to be back on by Tuesday morning. Check back for more updates later.

Water Break

Students will be without water until possibly Tuesday morning at Oliver Hall. Due to road construction on the north side of campus, a water main break has occurred on the north side of the campus a little after 10:30 this morning. KJI campers are instructed to not use the water at all. Avoid showering and drinking, we are unaware if the water could cause health risks. All Oliver Hall campers are advised to use the Student Union restrooms and water facilities.

” I am concerned about the campers. I want to make sure they are safe and they are comfortable, because being without water is not an option with where you’re living,” Jeff Browne, director of KJI said.

Browne is unsure of how exactly the water break occurred. Browne doesn’t know if the water will be okay to use by Tuesday morning. Follow @KUJournalism to keep up with the incident, more news will be arriving shortly.

Water main break complicates living situations in Oliver Hall

Water services have been shut off for Kansas Journalism Institute (KJI) campers staying in Oliver Hall on KU’s campus due to a water main break on the North side of campus caused by road construction. Director Jeff Browne of the KU Journalism department was alerted by the city of Lawrence about the break around 10:37 a.m., and Lawrence Waterworks has been contacted for repairs. Browne expects the water system to be back to normal by Tuesday morning.

“I’m just concerned about [the campers] at this point,” Browne said. “I want to make sure that they are safe and that they are comfortable because being without water is not an option for very long where [they are] living.”

Browne said the break complicates living situations for 126 teenage campers, leaving them with no access to drinking water, showers and even toilets. He advises them to get water from other buildings, such as the following areas on campus:

Since it is unclear when the water will be turned back on, campers will have to adapt to the situation and be prepared for anything. However, Lawrence Waterworks is expected to arrive for repairs by 12:30 p.m.

Check back for updates and interviews with campers, construction workers, repairmen and more, or track #KJI50 on Twitter.

Water break

A water main break at Oliver Hall has led to some unhappy KJI campers. Due to a construction accident on the North side of campus at 10:37 a.m. the 126 campers residing in the hall now have to survive the heat without running water.

“I’m just concerned about them at this point I’m just making sure they are safe and comfortable, no water is not an option.” said Jeff Browne director of the Kansas Journalism Institute camp.

If the break is not fixed soon class time will have to be cut to move the kids to a new dorm. But in the mean time it is advised to go to the Student Union for your water needs during your breaks. At the moment the dorms cannot provide:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Drinking water (Any water that does come through is UNSAFE)

The Lawrence Water Works has been notified and expected to arrive in 30 minutes. It is unknown what exactly happened to lead to this accident, but all should be resolved by Tuesday morning.

For the quickest updates be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Water Out in Oliver Hall

As many readers know by now, the water in Oliver Hall, currently housing students attending the KJI Summer Program, is temporarily out of use, what many readers probably don’t know right now is this:

  • The water is off due to a broken water main on the north side of campus
  • This main was broken during construction projects around 10:37 this morning
  • Work is currently being done to repair damage to the main, and the construction crew is receiving assistance from the city of Lawrence.

It’s still unclear as to how long water in Oliver Hall will be out of commission, however, until it’s announced that it is once again working, please avoid using any bathrooms, water fountains, other water facilities in the hall. If you do get any water out of the facilities DO NOT DRINK ITas the safety of the water is still in question.

Students attending KJI may find this information helpful.

The water in the hall should be up and running again by tomorrow morning, however, if it is not, students may be moved into different housing (keep in mind that the damage will most likely be repaired and relocation is unlikely). Although the water in the hall may be out it is still summer, so stay hydrated. Anyone staying in Oliver hall can find water in  fountains across the campus (excluding Oliver Hall), in vending machines, and in other buildings. Restroom facilities can also be found in other residence halls.

Administration is working very hard to solve this issue, coordinating repairs and working with the city to repair the damage. Jeff Browne, director of KJI, has expressed a concern for the well-being of the students participating in the summer program. KJI participants will be taken care of, so there’s no need to worry. More news to come.

Follow the story on Twitter @KUJournalism or #KJI50

Construction stops water supply at KU

During a KJI workshop, a water main break on Monday resulted in Oliver Hall at KU to be without functioning water facilities. The break occurred during construction on the North side of campus. There are currently 126 students staying in the residence hall for the journalism workshop, as well as 11 counsellors.

We implore students to NOT use any water facilities in the hall. It remains unknown whether or not the water is safe to drink.

This includes:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Water fountains
  • Sinks

Worst case scenario, the water will not be turned back on until Tuesday Morning. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to use the Union for all of their water needs.Jeff Browne, KJI Director, told reporters at a press conference, “I want to make sure they [KJI campers] are safe and comfortable.” Lawrence Water Works has been notified of the problem and will hopefully arrive soon to clear up the mess.