High school journalists enjoy college life

Eight out of ten students say they would return to KJI if given the opportunity.

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High school journalists prepare for a lecture. They are learning why editing is important. They are staying at Kansas University to learn ways to become better journalists.

Isabella Davis is taking Web Production and Management. She explains how she feels about being on a college campus. Listen here.


A glance into the desks of journalists

Although all Kansas Journalism Institute (KJI) campers have a desk to use, it can sometimes be hard to realize just how much it reveals about a person. An editor and a photographer showcase their differences.

How to break the ice

Breaking the ice can be hard. You walk into your “new” dorm room and are thrown into the awkward task of getting to know your roommate, but some KJI campers have ideas on how to make it easier. 5 days of camp, and 5 tips to converse like a champ.


Mariah Seifert and Shelby Mata posing with their shy faces.

  1. “Try to find something in common so you have some place to start in building a connection,” Lexi Wood.
  2. “If you are funny try to joke around, but be cautious if they don’t laugh at your jokes you could have made things more awkward,” Jake Spechdask
  3. “Ask them about what they are here for and where they are from to try and build common interests,” Lucas Silva
  4. “Bring up your hobbies in hopes that they can relate to you and conversation continues on from there,” Conner Mitchell
  5. “I don’t enjoy breaking the ice, so I just say hi,” Mariah Seifert (pictured above)

Still having trouble? Listen to Shelby Mata (pictured above) talk about what she would do to ease things with a new roommate.

Different classes for different people at the Kansas Journalism Institute

Summer campers at the Kansas Journalism Institute this week at the University of Kansas involve themselves in many different class tracks for four days of journalistic engagement. Student classes include:

  • Yearbook Design Fundamentals
  • News Magazine and Newspaper Design Fundamentals
  • Editorial Leadership Seminar
  • Digital Photojournalism
  • Advanced Yearbook Seminar
  • Advanced Newspaper Seminar
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Web Production and Management
  • Storytelling: Feature and Sports Writing for Print and Digital Media

Nine classes to choose from, but students can only choose one. So how do the courses differ, and how do journalists make their decision?

KJI Camper Classes

Click the photo above, then mouse over the icons to explore and listen to profiles of four 2013 campers enrolled in different tracks this week.

KJI in two words

By: Isabella Davis

KJI campers at Oliver Hall are here to learn how they can make their publications back at school better than they previously were. Camp started on June 23, 2013 and students have described camp in two words.

allie kyndall rachel sydnie samantha

Allie Freese       Kyndall Truelove            Rachel McLees        Sydnie Kerr    Samantha Eighmy

Quiana ashley destiny marissa abbi

Quiana Reliford    Ashley Yoder       Destiny Wilborn        Marissa Hubbard          Abbi Atwell

KJI in two Words

Allie Freese – Super & Awesome

Rachel McLees – Educational & Enjoyable

Sydnie Kerr – Tiring & Fun

Kyndall Truelove – Hot & Interesting

Quiana Releford – Resourceful & Informative

Abbi Atwell – Informational & Creative

Samantha Eighmy – Fun & Knowledgeable

Ashley Yoder – Fun & Helpful

Marissa Hubbard – Hot & Sore

Destiny Wilborn – Learning Experience

KJI campers have explained what they like best about camp and what they like the least. Campers Allie Freese, Kyndall Truelove, Sydnie Kerr, and Rachel McLees answered in the following recording. Click Here to listen.