Pass the Mic: Karaoke at KJI


On Tuesday, June 25, journalism campers from the Kansas Journalism Institute workshop put down their laptops and cell phones for a few hours to shout, croon and dance at Karaoke Night.  Below is the coverage compiled from students in the Web Management class taught by instructor Eric Thomas.

Karaoke night for KJI campers

By: Emily Lair

Many Kansas Journalism Institute camp members chose to sing their hearts out on Tuesday night in the lobby of Oliver Hall. Also, check out tweets, pictures and video from campers.

Karaoke Night at KJI

By: Isabella Davis

Whether campers sang, watched, danced or didn’t pay attention, Karaoke Night drew everything from cheers to high fives.

KU Journalism Institute sings

By: Cle’ianna Garrett

An interactive photo shows more about campers and the singing performances.

KJI Karaoke

By: Brianna Cole

Jennifer Mahr, Jake Specht, Paige Parker and Lexi Wood spent a fun night singing karaoke tunes with their fellow campers. Check out a video of pictures and audio about their experience.

Kicking off karaoke at KJI

By: Cara Brashears

Taking on the spotlight, a few campers from Blue Valley Northwest High School decided to form a group and sing in the lobby first up.

KJI camper backs out of performing

By: Sarah Hirsch

Camper Ankit Kadakia prepared all afternoon for the event, but found he was too nervous to perform.

KJI Karaoke Night unveiled

By: Daniel Mejia

If you were too shy, or just weren’t feeling the whole karaoke vibe, here is a photo gallery of the events of the night.

KJI students rock out to Karaoke Night

By: Ashley Yoder

Check out even more photos of students performing on Tuesday night.

BVNW girls steal the show

By: Alexandra Willim

Photos show the step-by-step process of the first group’s performance.


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