KJI in two words

By: Isabella Davis

KJI campers at Oliver Hall are here to learn how they can make their publications back at school better than they previously were. Camp started on June 23, 2013 and students have described camp in two words.

allie kyndall rachel sydnie samantha

Allie Freese       Kyndall Truelove            Rachel McLees        Sydnie Kerr    Samantha Eighmy

Quiana ashley destiny marissa abbi

Quiana Reliford    Ashley Yoder       Destiny Wilborn        Marissa Hubbard          Abbi Atwell

KJI in two Words

Allie Freese – Super & Awesome

Rachel McLees – Educational & Enjoyable

Sydnie Kerr – Tiring & Fun

Kyndall Truelove – Hot & Interesting

Quiana Releford – Resourceful & Informative

Abbi Atwell – Informational & Creative

Samantha Eighmy – Fun & Knowledgeable

Ashley Yoder – Fun & Helpful

Marissa Hubbard – Hot & Sore

Destiny Wilborn – Learning Experience

KJI campers have explained what they like best about camp and what they like the least. Campers Allie Freese, Kyndall Truelove, Sydnie Kerr, and Rachel McLees answered in the following recording. Click Here to listen.


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