Kicking off karaoke at KJI

Buzz around Oliver Hall today at KJI included mixed feelings about the karaoke session put on tonight. Some students were too nervous to perform, others dismissed the activity as silly and some were all for it. Taking on the spotlight, a few campers from Blue Valley Northwest High School decided to form a group and sing in the lobby first up.

Before the performance

photo 2Q&A with Jennifer Faucett, senior yearbook editor-in-chief

What’s the story behind the group?

“We are calling ourselves YB6 because there are six of us yearbook girls. I know it sounds lame, and it’s obviously not going to stick, but for tonight’s performance it’s just something fun to add.”

Why did you decide to be the first group to go?

“We’ve already had a really fun time at KJI, and right now we’re all just in really good moods. Plus we love to sing, and I’m stoked to kick off the night and get the crowd going!”

How do you feel going into the performance?

“I’m pumped. We’re going to sing Complicated by Avril Lavigne, and every one of us knows every word. I should be nervous, but since there’s so many of us, I’m not too concerned.”


Inspired by the recent movie Pitch Perfect, the YB6 group huddles together to prepare for the song.

The performance:

Click the photo below to be taken to a short clip of the show.

photo 1

After the performance:

photo 3Q&A with junior yearbook section editor Jenna Bellar

How did the performance go?

“Our singing was phenomenal. If this is typed up, I hope my sarcasm gets across. If it doesn’t, my facial expression should show my true reaction.”

How did you do individually?

“I don’t see myself going on Broadway anytime soon. It was weird with everyone watching, but all my friends were there to support me and just go crazy.”

How did you get over the nerves?

“You just have to ignore the funny stares from the audience and sing your heart out. Or start to twerk. Either one works.”


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