Water Out in Oliver Hall

As many readers know by now, the water in Oliver Hall, currently housing students attending the KJI Summer Program, is temporarily out of use, what many readers probably don’t know right now is this:

  • The water is off due to a broken water main on the north side of campus
  • This main was broken during construction projects around 10:37 this morning
  • Work is currently being done to repair damage to the main, and the construction crew is receiving assistance from the city of Lawrence.

It’s still unclear as to how long water in Oliver Hall will be out of commission, however, until it’s announced that it is once again working, please avoid using any bathrooms, water fountains, other water facilities in the hall. If you do get any water out of the facilities DO NOT DRINK ITas the safety of the water is still in question.

Students attending KJI may find this information helpful.

The water in the hall should be up and running again by tomorrow morning, however, if it is not, students may be moved into different housing (keep in mind that the damage will most likely be repaired and relocation is unlikely). Although the water in the hall may be out it is still summer, so stay hydrated. Anyone staying in Oliver hall can find water in  fountains across the campus (excluding Oliver Hall), in vending machines, and in other buildings. Restroom facilities can also be found in other residence halls.

Administration is working very hard to solve this issue, coordinating repairs and working with the city to repair the damage. Jeff Browne, director of KJI, has expressed a concern for the well-being of the students participating in the summer program. KJI participants will be taken care of, so there’s no need to worry. More news to come.

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