Water main break disrupts journalism students at KU’s Oliver Hall

High school journalism students residing at KU’s Oliver Hall for the Kansas Journalism Institute 2013 camp are stuck with no water service until further notice. The disruption was caused by a break in the system after road construction on the north side of campus struck a pipe at 10:37 am.

Residents of Oliver Hall are instructed to refrain from usage of toilets, showers and faucets, even if there is still water remaining in the lines. KJI director Jeff Browne said administrators are unsure of how safe the water is to drink, and for now, he suggests campers use the nearest facilities at the Kansas Union, Stauffer-Flint Hall or the Underground at Wescoe Hall.

View a map of the campus here for directions.

“I’m just concerned about the campers,” Browne said. “I want to make sure they are safe and comfortable. I hope it doesn’t affect the curriculum at all, as long as they don’t need to move out of their dorm, which would take out of teaching time which would be a shame.”

Browne said construction workers are currently waiting for Lawrence Waterworks to arrive in the next half hour at the scene of the break to begin to fix the problem. Water is anticipated to be back up and running by Tuesday morning at the latest. Track #KJI50 on Twitter for updates, and check back soon for full information.


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