Water break affects Journalism Workshop members

A water break, which occurred at 10:37 Monday morning, at the University of Kansas campus has caused Oliver Hall to temporarily lose water availability, this water break will affect all members of the Kansas Journalism Institute (KJI) workshop.  The mishap occurred as a result of construction on the North side of campus.

Journalism camp director, Jeff Browne, has gathered as much information as possible, and reports that the water will be available by Tuesday morning at the latest.  Browne is mainly concerned with the safety of students, and hopes that the students are informed as soon as possible.

“I’m just concerned about our campers and keeping them safe and comfortable”  Browne said.

In order to avoid any possible danger or further confusion, Brown suggests that participants not drink water at Oliver Hall. Browne requests that campers avoid using toilets, showers, and sinks.

Facilities available for KJI camper’s use:

1. The Underground

2.  The Student Union

3. William Allen White Building

To locate buildings, look at the map of the campus.

Lawrence Water Works will repair the disruption of the water in about half an hour.  In the mean time, KJI campers can remain updated by frequently checking the Twitter account, @KUJournalism.


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